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Ulundi Anthracite


14 002,02 ha

Ulundi, KZN

Prospecting Right

The project is located in the Ulundi Local Municipality in the northern KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. The Mining Permit and Prospecting Right applications are at advanced stages with the Department of Mineral Resources. The project area covers up to 14 002.02 hectares of the western-section of the Nongoma Coalfield.

Three high-quality anthracite seams are recognized in the project area; with a 3.28 metres lower seam, the middle seam up to 5.71metres and an upper seam attaining a thickness of up to 2.44m.

The project is geographically located in an active mining area with a developed infrastructure such as electricity, siding railway etc.

The sampling results confirm an occurrance of a high-grade anthracite with an average ash of 8.6%, calorific value of 29.40KJ, volatile content of 8.1%, fixed carbon at 81.7% and with Sulphur less than 1%.

Further exploration work will be conducted to further investigate and determine the gross in-situ resource.

Stakeholder consultation process in terms of NEMA, (Act 107 of 1998) and Section 16 of MPRDA, (Act 28 of 2002) as amended is in progress.

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