> Limestone

Klein Boetsap Limestone


>40 Million Tones

3200 Ha

Klein Boetsapp,
Boetsap, NC

Prospecting Right

Geographically, the property is located on the Ghaap Plateau which is known to host significant travertine deposits. The Ghaap Plateau stretches for 250 km from Douglas in the Northern Cape Province to Vryburg in the North West Province. The escarpment hosts significant limestone deposits that have been known since the beginning of the 19th century. These deposits are Norlim and Thomeng in the north, and Ulco deposit, which is located some 40km south of Boetsap.

Geologically, the limestone is confined to the Monteville Formation of the Campbellrand Subgroup. It generally consists of basal giant dolomite domes, curly algal mat limestone, clastic algal mat laminated limestone and dolomite, argillite, SH-Ialgal mat limestone, dolarenite, potsherd breccia, crinkle laminated dolomite, columnar stromatolites (LLH-C and SH-C), oolites and quartz arenites. It is approximately 200 m thick in surface outcrops.

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